September 18: Clarification of Attendance, Verification of Illness, and COVID Protocols for Face-to- Face Classes

The purpose of this message is to clarify the attendance/verification of illness/COVID protocols for your face-to-face classes this semester in order to clear up any confusion and, hopefully, decrease any undue stress.

COVID Protocol for Classes:

Face-to-face classes are operating at 25% room capacity with physical distancing measures in place. All students and faculty are required to wear UF-approved face masks during class.

Attendance and Verification of Illness:

If UF Health Screen, Trace & Protect (STP)* has made the determination that you are not cleared to be on campus, you are not permitted to attend class or any campus activity in person. STP’s designation of “not cleared” will show up by your name on your instructor’s roster in ONE.UF as well as on your landing page in ONE.UF. In this case, your instructor will email instructions on how to complete online make-up work. There is no penalty for absences when a student is not cleared. If the make-up work is completed, the class will not be considered "missed" during grading.

Once cleared for return by UF Health, you will be notified, and your status will change on your instructor’s roster to “cleared.” Once your status shows “cleared,” you will be able to return to class and to campus activities in person.

Here are additional instructions for a few situations you may encounter over the course of the semester:

For all situations below (COVID testing positive, exposure, quarantine, other illness), we ask faculty to have a seven-day grace period during which you can contact your instructor regarding make-up work. Such work , along with a note explaining absence, must be submitted within seven days after returning and will be accepted without penalty. If you need additional academic support while you are “not cleared for campus,” please contact, your academic advisor, or refer to our UF Student Success web site at

1. I have tested positive for COVID.

Please contact UF Health STP (352-273-9790) for guidance. If you have tested positive, they will update your status to “not cleared” if it was not already changed. Students with positive test

results who are recovering from COVID-19 will receive an email from their instructor with instructions for performing online make-up work for missed assignments. There is no penalty associated with these absences and assigned makeup work. Once you have been cleared to return by UF Health, you can return to class and on-campus activities in person. If you have been cleared by UF Health and are not considered contagious but have ongoing health issues, please contact the Disability Resource Center ( updates/covid/) for assistance/accommodations.

2. I have been asked to quarantine by a physician/clinic or UF Health.

Please ensure you have contacted UF Health STP (352-273-9790), who will amend your status in the system to “not cleared” if it was not already changed. You should reach out to your instructor who will check the UF clearance system and, if you are still listed as “cleared,” will request documentation to verify. Your instructor will email instructions for performing online makeup work for missed class(es), with no penalty. Once you have been cleared by UF Health you can return to class and to on-campus activities in person.

3. I believe I may have been exposed to an individual with COVID.

If you suspect you may have been exposed to an individual with COVID-19, please stay home and schedule a test. Visit for guidance and follow the instructions. Please inform your instructor if appropriate based on their instructions. Please refer to cases 1, 2 and 3 above and to the the UF Health web site for additional information.

4. I feel ill with COVID like symptoms.

Please stay home and schedule a test. Visit protect-2/how/screen/ for guidance and follow the instructions. Please inform your instructor if appropriate based on their instructions. If you are asked to see a medical professional, please request a doctor’s note to provide to your instructor.

5. I feel otherwise unwell.

If you are ill with something other than flu like symptoms, please provide supporting documentation to your instructor. Upon verification, they will provide make-up work for missed class(es), with no penalty. Upon recovery you will return to class on campus.

6. I don’t feel well enough to go to class today, but I don’t have a doctor’s note.

Please contact a doctor and request a doctor’s note. We ask faculty to give you up to 7 days to provide a note to your instructor for a previously missed class. Once documentation is provided (doctor’s note, DSO excuse note, or DRC accommodation), your instructor will email you instructions to complete the make-up work.

Please note the following:

1. In cases 1-4 above, UF Health will promptly provide the instructor with your condition, i.e., “cleared”/”not cleared.” Your instructor’s willingness to permit your attendance will be based on that information.

2. In cases 5 and 6 above, the communication is your responsibility and requires appropriate confirmation from a physician or similar source (e.g., Student Health Care Center).

If you have questions specific to your courses, please feel free to contact your instructor.

*For detailed information concerning screening, results, and quarantine and isolation, please refer to the UF Health STP web site at 2/students/.