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As Gators, we are characterized by our resilience as well as our commitment to caring for one another. In that vein, UF seeks to make sure all members of our community know how they can protect themselves and others with respect to public health concerns. This page also serves as a hub for campus guidance related to COVID-19 and monkeypox.

With regard to COVID-19, the university recommends – but does not require – people to wear masks on campus and encourages everyone to get vaccinated and stay current with boosters to minimize COVID-related risks. Further, the university is monitoring the spread of monkeypox and urges people who have been exposed or who develop a rash to consult the Student Health Care Center or their private physician.

For additional detail on campus policies related to COVID or monkeypox, please view the Campus Updates section of this page. Please also visit coronavirus.ufhealth.org , UF Health's monkeypox page or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for additional information on both viruses.

Recent Announcements



With the 2022-2023 academic year underway, we write to keep the UF community up to date on two public health concerns: COVID and monkeypox. With your participation and commitment as well as the guidance of our doctors, epidemiologists and infectious disease experts at UF Health, we believe the new semester represents an important opportunity for all members of the university community to make sure they are informed about how to protect themselves and others to minimize the spread of both illnesses. Click here to read more > > >



This issue of the Campus Brief will focus on a relatively new concern emerging throughout the U.S., namely monkeypox. Since the beginning of 2022, cases of monkeypox have been appearing in the U.S., including several hundred cases that have now been reported in Florida. To date, no cases have presented on the UF campus. Click here to read more > > >